Birch, 101

Well yes there are 101 uses for Birch, but this 101 is the basics. Birch is an abundant hardwood that takes stain and screws well. It's durable and attractive and the preferred plywood for kitchen cabinets, benches and tables. Birch is workable and doesn't nick or scratch easily which are two qualities woodworkers like. We use Birch because it is durable, sturdy and timeless and it doesn't weigh a ton making it perfect to flat pack ship to your door. Find some special sales at Birch Lane.

Design Trends, According To Houzz

Houzz has a deep understanding of design and rich data to pull from to identify trends. At the beginning of the year they published the top 22 interior design trends they saw moving forward in 2018. We pulled number 18 here for you because it is exactly why we chose our graphite and espresso finishes on many of our solid wood items.

18. Rich colors. Warm grays with rich, earthy shades will edge out cooler neutrals for a more sumptuous look. I’m seeing a move toward warm grays and rich, earthy shades of camel, rust, tobacco and brown-blacks,” Ott says. 

Sometimes, Only Solid Wood Will Do.

Many considerations are a part of the furniture buying process. In the case of a restroom, or any place with high moisture content, solid wooden furniture is ideal. Veneers will crack and peal, metals will rust and stain, and MDF or particle materials will expand and crumble. Solid wood is a solid choice.

DIY or Order It?

If you had all the time in the world you could shop flea markets, yard sales, and antique shops for a rustic ladder that you could turn into a bookshelf. You could glue, clamp, sand and wax to make it sturdy and safe for home. Or you can click “add to cart” and have a rustic yet modern ladder bookshelf delivered to your home. The best part? Solid wooden furniture is durable, sturdy and timeless!

Its OK to Show Off.

Sometimes shopping for furniture is about downsizing or maximizing space. Other times its to fulfill a void or transform a room. We want to let you know that it is OK to show off your prized possessions, your All-Clad pots and pans, your demitasse collection or hold your humidor with your prized cigars.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Bamboo.

Bamboo is so popular and versatile that even touts the following 5 reasons to choose it.

  1. Durability

  2. Resistance to Swelling and Shrinking

  3. Strength

  4. Selection

  5. Appearance

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The Distinct Character of Bamboo.

Bamboo furniture has a light, earthy feel that is perfect for open areas like porches, patios and balconies. When properly constructed, it can have the same structural integrity as many hardwoods, but being a grass, it is much lighter and more versatile. Bamboo is a great choice if you like to move your furniture around or redesign your room once in a while. 

The Historical Use of Bamboo.

The Chinese were, and still are, the top users and producers of bamboo. Not surprisingly, the earliest bamboo products found--mostly household items and weapons--belonged to the Chinese some 7,000 years ago. Before paper was invented, the Chinese wrote on slips of bamboo, making it a key component in the spread of Chinese culture and language. Bamboo was also used for shoes, tiles, and coats, and remains a key ingredient in Asian cooking. 

In the West, people were finding more interesting uses. Alexander Graham Bell's first telephone was made of bamboo, and Thomas Edison used a bamboo filament to create the world's first light bulb. Bamboo mats, bowls, blinds, and ornaments also became popular. Today, the use of bamboo has spread to the arts (sculpture, musical instruments), construction (doors, floors, houses), and even alternative medicine (bamboo shoots and juice).

Why Choose Bamboo?

Bamboo is a type of grass and grows from its roots and when it is cut it quickly grows back with most species maturing in 3-5 years. It is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers and requires no irrigation.