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Unique Spaces

"Wow! I am really impressed with this bench! I was going to use it at the end of my bed but I liked the look so much, I used it against a wall in the living room with pillows and then baskets underneath for magazine and book storage. It is long without being too long and narrow enough so it doesn't stick out too far into the room but you can actually sit on it. It is surprisingly sturdy and was a snap to put together. Another plus is that it would be very easy to spray paint this bench even a bright color to put a bit of pop and snap into a room (I have decided to buy another one for my bedroom and paint it yellow to perk up my very blue bedroom). Very inexpensive but looks like more!"

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Every home is unique. Every room has more than four walls a floor and ceiling. Cookie cutter furniture sets do not always fill every need and every particular space. New Ridge Home focuses on the pieces to fulfill your unique needs.