Solitude and a great hiding spot

Ones bathroom is such an important aspect of a home that Benjamin Moore Paints even has a color called “Solitude” and Bed Bath & Beyond has an entire towel collection under such inspiration. Savor the few minutes of quiet you have each day with a well designed and organized bathroom.

Set the tone of HOME

In how a bathroom is put together aesthetically can play a major role in setting the tone for the rest of your home. For certain, accenting the bathroom design with candles, artwork, and matching towels can be just the exclamation point for the look and feel you are wanting to project with this all-too important room in the house.

Find inspiration

For many, their best ideas come to them in the shower. It’s that sacred space where you can also rehearse that big presentation you are giving later that day or even to prepare for your job interview.

Bookend your day in FRESH

Other than our bed, the bathroom is where we essentially begin and end each day. Often, what happens in the bathroom will set the tone for what will happen the rest of the day. Furthermore, did you know the average person will spend at least 1.5 years of their life, in the bathroom?