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About Us

Product Concept

It’s solid hardwood…. no particle board, no MDF. Through the years, solid wood furniture has always displayed the highest of quality and endurance. Real solid wood also takes a better quality finish much richer in appearance than finishes applied to a thin veneer or paper over particle board or MDF. RTA furniture made from solid wood is a rare product in the furniture industry. The reason is because solid wood is a porous/elastic material that can absorb moisture and change shape slightly when manufactured and later used as furniture. Due to this elastic nature of solid wood, the manufacturing process must allow for additional steps and machinery to control the moisture content so that the furniture will assemble easily, as expected.

It’s about precision manufacturing…Most factories have converted to the less expensive “veneer over MDF” manufacturing method because they believe the consumer puts the most importance on low price. But, in the late 1990s, New Ridge factories developed and invested in technology that could retain the quality of solid wood while keeping down the price. Our factories make the furniture according to specs and tolerances normally seen only in the metalworking industry. 

It’s colorful and moisture resistant….  Unlike any other solid wood RTA line, New Ridge has the added advantage of 11 fashionable finishes…not just white, brown and black. Also, we use a specially formulated pre-catalyzed top coat and sealer to make our products moisture resistant for a longer life.

It’s professionally designed…. New Ridge has retained the services of experienced and successful professional furniture designers to develop its assortment of product. This strategy results in a product that not only reflects the expectations of consumers but assures that it will assemble easily while retaining the look of quality furniture. In addition, retaining professional designers allows factory engineers to manufacture with less waste and provide longer runs of an efficiently designed product thus keeping prices down.

It’s about fast and reliable delivery with commitment to a five-star customer service standard…New Ridge can be relied upon to provide the highest standards of service in fulfillment and problem resolution.

It’s about the “bottom line”…. New Ridge Home Goods product is thoughtfully conceived, designed, manufactured and priced to target a broader market of consumers who expect a better product that is still a value.